• This beautiful, urban front yard spring garden features a large veranda, brick paver walkway, retaining wall with plantings of bulbs, shrubs and perennials for colour, texture and winter interest.
  • Flower Garden
  • Beautiful backyard firepit at dusk
  • Landscape architecture with waterfall features for summer garden
Professional Landscaper Installing Natural Grass Turfs in Newly Developed Residential Backyard Garden. Aerial View.

Professional, Personal & Courteous Service

As a family owned business, Daniel's Master Landscaping has been providing property services to the Boulder community since 1996. Not only do we love enhancing properties with landscaping, but we also enjoy providing several other services. We offer lawn and tree care, sprinkler and irrigation system installation and maintenance, and snow plowing. Our number one priority is improving each home and business in Boulder.

Beautiful backyard landscape design. View of colorful trees and decorative trimmed bushes and rocks

Add Variety with Boulder's Landscaping Services

A nice landscape is the perfect accent for your property. Whether it's a patio, a garden, or a nice, simple area, Daniel's Master Landscaping crew can plan a landscaping project that fosters the desired atmosphere at your property. We work with many design elements and include hardscaping and softscaping materials to create beautiful arrangements and peaceful moments.

Serving Denver Metro and Boulder Since 1996


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Power Rake, Aeration and Fertilization

This is a great opportunity to give your lawn a healthy jump start this growing season. Mention this promotion when you schedule an estimate.

Landscaping panorama of home garden. Scenic view of landscaped garden in backyard. Landscape design with plants and flowers at residential house. Scenery of natural landscaping area in summer.

Hardscaping and Softscaping in Boulder

We combine the harder elements of hardscaping and the living, softer materials of softscaping to create a balanced landscape for the thinker, wanderer, or onlooker. As we plan for the creation of your landscape, we take plants and brick, stone, or other hard materials and assemble beautiful patterns in walls and walkways. Our landscaping projects are our pride and joy, and we love showing Boulder property owners what we can do.

Accented Landscape Lighting in Boulder

Having a landscape you're proud of is wonderful, and adding it with lighting that makes it visible after dark is just a bonus. If you have a spectacular outdoor space as part of your property, you should show it off at all hours, especially during dusk and the early hours of the night. Lighting allows you to accent specific places in your landscape, so it's as impressive at night as during the daytime.

Spacious wooden deck with benches and attached pergola

Quality Lawn Care in Boulder

The law care options from Daniel's Master Landscaping are thorough and affordable. If your home or business needs lawn care, we offer mowing services and even trimming in areas that the mower won't go. If your lawn isn't growing or has brown patches and puddles after precipitation, we have fertilization and aeration options to revitalize your turf. Our experts can offer services in Boulder and advice to get your lawn back to high quality.

Closeup of patio outdoor spring flower garden in backyard porch of home, zen with pergola canopy wooden gazebo, plants

Sprinkler & Irrigation System Care in Boulder

Simply stated, all plants need consistent watering to survive and thrive. If you would like a thriving lawn or garden, a sprinkler or irrigation system is crucial. We install irrigation and sprinkler systems so that your lawn or garden is properly watered during the hot summer months in Boulder. We also provide winterization and blowout services so that your system lasts through the cold without damages and can keep watering your plants year after year.

White vinyl fence

Promoting Healthy Tree Growth in Boulder

If you don't properly care for the trees on your property, you could have issues with neighbors, weather, or just diseased trees on your property that don't grow well. Tree services from Daniel's Master Landscaping include tree trimming, pruning, and tree removal if you need to dispose of a current tree on your property. When we trim, we do so safely, using the right tools and equipment to reach all branches and collect everything that came off. When we prune, we remove all diseased branches, allowing for your tree to grow healthier. And when we remove trees in Boulder, we take it away so that it's no longer your problem.

Convenient Snow Removal Options in Boulder

At Daniel's Master Landscaping, we know how snow can Boulder. When your home or business needs complete snow removal services, trust our family owned and operated company to provide quality results. We offer reliable commercial snow removal for the Boulder area 24/7, with repeat visits as needed. On top of reliable services, you'll also find contract availability and convenient payment plans with affordable options.

Create A Tranquil Environment in Boulder, CO You’ll Appreciate

We don’t just build decks and patios; we create the outdoor sanctuary you deserve. Our skilled landscapers can handle everything from simple lawn sodding and flower beds to koi ponds and customized fireplaces. At Daniel’s Master Landscaping, we make it our mission to craft an outdoor paradise in Boulder, CO you’ll love — residential or commercial!

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