• This beautiful, urban front yard spring garden features a large veranda, brick paver walkway, retaining wall with plantings of bulbs, shrubs and perennials for colour, texture and winter interest.
  • Flower Garden
  • Beautiful backyard firepit at dusk
  • Landscape architecture with waterfall features for summer garden
Professional Landscaper Installing Natural Grass Turfs in Newly Developed Residential Backyard Garden. Aerial View.

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If you're in the market for landscaping services, consider Daniel's Master Landscaping for all your needs. Since 1998, we've been serving the Thornton area with hardscaping and softscaping services, lighting, lawn care, tree care, snow removal, and more. We service both our residential and commercial customers so that all Thornton property owners are provided for when it comes to property care.

Beautiful backyard landscape design. View of colorful trees and decorative trimmed bushes and rocks

Quality Landscaping in Thornton

If you're looking for some great landscaping services in Thornton, look no further than our professional team at Daniel's Master Landscaping. Not only can we assist with hardscaping and softscaping services, but we also provide lawn and tree care for the overall beautification of your property. We landscape gardens, patios, front yards, and more. Whether it's a large scale commercial landscaping endeavor or a smaller residential project, our team is happy to provide quality landscaping services.

Serving Denver Metro and Boulder Since 1996


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Power Rake, Aeration and Fertilization

This is a great opportunity to give your lawn a healthy jump start this growing season. Mention this promotion when you schedule an estimate.

Landscaping panorama of home garden. Scenic view of landscaped garden in backyard. Landscape design with plants and flowers at residential house. Scenery of natural landscaping area in summer.

Blended Hardscaping and Softscaping in Thornton

If you need assistance with hardscaping or softscaping at your property, our experts can rise to the occasion. We work with harder materials like concrete and brick and mingle them with plants and softer elements to create stunning designs at your home or business. We work hardscaping and softscaping together to achieve a harmonious balance of living and nonliving elements to your property.

Atmospheric Landscape Lighting in Thornton

A good landscaping job only gets half the appreciation it deserves if you don't set up landscaping lighting to complete the display. After dark, lighting for your landscaping job can create an entirely new atmosphere. For clean, affordable landscape lighting design and installation, contact our contractors. We will get you squared away in no time with flashy lights that emphasize your beautiful landscaping job.

Spacious wooden deck with benches and attached pergola

Comprehensive Lawn Care in Thornton

Our lawn care services are comprehensive and include mowing, trimming, aeration, and fertilization. Our professionals can visit your property in Thornton and offer an assessment on what types of fertilization would work best for your property and if overseeding is needed after aeration. We offer our expert advice on lawn care and leave your lawn better than we found it, with not one blade of grass out of place.

Closeup of patio outdoor spring flower garden in backyard porch of home, zen with pergola canopy wooden gazebo, plants

Sprinkler & Irrigation System in Thornton

Every good lawn needs a proper irrigation or sprinkler system for frequent watering. Especially considering the heat of the Thornton summers, consistent watering is the only defense against a hot sun scorching the turf completely. We install sprinkler and irrigation systems to combat the dry heat and promote healthy growth in the summer. We also offer blowout and winterization services when the seasons change so that your system doesn't freeze with the cold temperatures of the winter.

White vinyl fence

Responsible Tree Care in Thornton

Having trees is great for beautiful landscaping and shade during the hot summers in Thornton. However, trees also come with responsibility. In order to keep the look of your landscaping clean and professional, or to prevent neighboring properties from dealing with unwanted leaves and branches on their side, you must keep up with pruning and trimming. If you want to get rid of any of your trees, we can also remove the trees from your Denver property.

Accommodating Snow Removal in Thornton

If you have a business that welcomes staff and customers daily, you need to make the proper accommodations for them even in the winter months when it snows. If you are a homeowner who is unable to take care of snow removal yourself, it's still important your driveway and sidewalks are clean and safe. Our team helps with plowing and snow removal services so that snow and ice don't affect your home or business.

Create A Tranquil Environment in Thornton, CO You’ll Appreciate

We don’t just build decks and patios; we create the outdoor sanctuary you deserve. Our skilled landscapers can handle everything from simple lawn sodding and flower beds to koi ponds and customized fireplaces. At Daniel’s Master Landscaping, we make it our mission to craft an outdoor paradise in Thornton, CO you’ll love — residential or commercial!

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